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Our Thought Leaders

New York

Jack Ezon

Embark Beyond

“Feeel is a game-changing innovation for luxury travel. Despite many advancements, none compare to Feeel’s transformative impact. It revolutionizes travel across land, air, and sea, shaping the future landscape with its pivotal role.”


New York

Norma Cohen

Norma Cohen Productions

"With 35 years of experience in crafting luxury events, from local New York landmarks to remote locations around the world, I possess a deep, firsthand understanding of our industry's demands and needs. Feeel is revolutionizing the field for planners globally, and I am a steadfast advocate for its potential to transform the entire industry."


New York

Colin Cowie

Colin Cowie Lifestyle

“Our team journeyed to the South of France to survey properties for a client, requiring significant time and resources. Feeel could have streamlined this process from our office, highlighting its unique impact in our industry. I'm honored to be part of its story.”


New York

Marcy Blum

Marcy Blum Events

“My success over three decades is rooted in forward-thinking. Feeel's impact spans event planning to luxury travel, enhancing our clients' experiences. It epitomizes hospitality innovation, ushering in an era of unmatched excellence.”


New York

Elizabeth Priya Kumar

Premini Events

"Feeel streamlines planner-property integration, improving time management. As a destination planner, the reduced air travel and carbon emissions are notable. Access to global properties, previously limited by time, enhances expertise and speeds up client decision-making.


New York

Annie Lee

Daughter of Design

"Coordinating multiple destination events annually involves extensive travel and expenses for property exploration, often resulting in mismatches. Feeel's global property touring capability revolutionizes planning and travel enabling precise alignment with my client's visions.


By the Numbers

Decrease in time spent on unfit property tours
Increased time saved throughout planning process
Greater ease in meeting client expectations
Reported monetary savings due to less needed travel


Is a headset the only way to tour?

No! You and your clients may explore our live site tours in a 2D format from any digital device. However, the greatest impact, of course, is through the headset.

How do I update with more properties when my client has the headset?

Your client simply connects his/her/their headset to Wi-Fi. From there you may make adjustments on your end to update the content on the given headset.

Can I control what properties a client is seeing on their headset?

Yes! You are able to select what you would like them to see on a single headset. You have complete control over what properties your client views.

If my client doesn't have a headset, how do I get them one?

You are able to lend out your own headset, or purchase additional headsets to ship out. This all depends on how many clients you have at the 'selection process' at the same time. Keep in mind this is temporary, soon every household will have a headset and ease in access to the Feeel app!


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