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A Night To Remember at the Pierre Hotel




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Feeel’s second planner dinner, hosted last week at the illustrious Pierre Hotel once again seamlessly intertwined modern technology and timeless elegance. Head of Strategic Partnerships at Feeel and planner extraordinaire, Michelle Elaine, had one clear goal: to ensure guests never felt like they were at a tech-focused event. Rather in a beautiful environment where Feeel’s transformative technology is welcoming and accessible.

As planners ascended the stairs of the iconic Rotunda, they were greeted by an enchanting electric violinist, draped in a stunning blush tulle gown. Upon entering they were treated to a breathtaking birds eye view of the meticulously designed room. Tuna Tartare, Endive, and Roquefort Salad were amongst the select hors d’oeuvres passed around. Guests sauntered about in flowing floor-length dresses and white dinner jackets, per the requested dress code. 

Then came the pièce de résistance: sampling Feeel’s exquisite 360° property tours. Attendees slipped on the white VR headsets, exploring the suite of properties showcased in Feeel’s marketplace. Notably, the Pierre Hotel’s luxurious Tata Presidential Suite was also available for touring without having to go up to the 39th floor. 

When the time arrived for everyone to find their seats the violinist descended the stairs to join the musicians below. They performed ‘Virtual Insanity’ by Jamiroquai adjusting the lyrics to “virtual reality” for a fun twist on the theme of the evening. Bold patterns mingled harmoniously with soft florals, and a pop-up accordion-style menu, a true work of art, left everyone in awe.

Two esteemed Feeel Planner Partners, Annie Lee, from Daughter Of Design, and José Rolón, of José Rolón Events, shared some thoughts.

This is the future of our industry. Get on board now, otherwise, you'll be left behind," asserted José, a sentiment echoed by Annie, who emphasized, "You want to be at the forefront with Feeel.

Then, Feeel’s Co-Founder & CEO, Akiva Reich, took the stage and opened the floor for a lively Q&A session. The conversation was informative and left planners wanting to know more about partnering with Feeel. 

This event was the second in a series of Planner Dinners hosted by Feeel, designed to engage the most influential planners in the industry. Each event aims to meet the highest standards of elegance and beauty while introducing cutting-edge technology shaping the future of hospitality, travel, and events.

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