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Can Travel Be Tailor Made?




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Inherent to travel is the discovery of the unknown. Our innate curiosity to explore and discover has been woven into our evolutionary fabric. From ancient quests to secure resources and find hospitable lands to our modern thrill of discovery and exposure to different cultures, people, and cuisine, the inescapable tug to find something new, something better remains integral to who we are. Regardless of the motivation, travel is fundamental to how we adapt and grow as humans.

Those who host travelers often wield considerable influence. The conditions they provide can elevate a journey or turn it into a challenging ordeal. In essence, we entrust a significant share of our travel experience to their care not knowing what the outcome will be until we arrive.

There is precious little we can do to investigate whether our destination will actually serve our purposes or not. Indeed, that very unknown has become a feature of the travel experience itself. The gentle anxiety that accompanies us for weeks leading up to the trip, during the commute to the airport, all the way to the hotel lobby, past check-in, until we arrive at the door of our designated quarters. At that very moment, we hold our breath, knowing that we are about to discover whether our wager will pay off. All the weeks, months, and sometimes years of planning come down to this next step:: Turning the door handle and stepping into our new shelter for the duration of our trip. 

No matter what methods of investigation we attempt, there is simply no replacement for actually being somewhere and discovering how it makes us feel. We examine photos, dissect reviews, and track down first-hand accounts but ultimately there is one factor that simply cannot be transmitted via words or images. How we will feel when we arrive. A feeling is essentially ineffable, so much so that the French coined the phrase, “je ne sais quais.” It is this mystery factor that keeps our senses peaked and attentive. The mystery is only resolved once you feel something. Then, you know whether it appeals to you or not. 

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Technological progress has no doubt narrowed the gap of this unknown factor. However, no amount of technology can completely alleviate the unknown from our experience. The romance of discovery will always exist as long as the constraints of time and space exist. However, as far as planning a trip goes, virtual reality technology might just be the tool to help us identify whether the place we are traveling to will pay off. 

When one dons a headset and steps into a virtual reality experience there is a truly a sense that we are in a new space. Feeel has leveraged this innovation to benefit the industries of luxury travel, event planning, and high-end dining and entertainment. Feeel’s VR tours place a premium on unveiling, not how a place looks but rather, how it feels. The 360-degree video captures a space when it is activated in some way. Like during an event, or while some other motion is in progress. With an emphasis on authenticity, no embellishments are made for the camera's sake. This synthesis of elements empowers viewers to step into their prospective destination, allowing them to taste its essence as closely as technology permits.

This progress goes to the very core of our quest to discover and explore. We want the mystery of our travels to remain while also helping us plan effectively for our next adventure. Even as technology continues to redefine our possibilities, the allure of the unknown will forever be intertwined with the tapestry of exploration. As we stand on the precipice of each new adventure, the promise of uncovering the unfamiliar remains an indispensable thread in the rich fabric of travel.

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